Mary DJ 3

Mary Blendermann is a swing dancer and DJ based in Sacramento, CA who believes in bringing out the best in dancers by highlighting the best in jazz. She goes nuts for sweet vocals, wailing trumpets, and vibraphone solos, and she is often caught jamming out and singing along in the DJ booth. Mary believes in building each set on the spot, inspiring every dancer to encounter and embody the infectious rhythms and playful sounds of swinging jazz. She strives to bring variety to the floor by searching out lesser-known artists and styles, and she is very proud that people often have trouble recognizing her music.

While the best way to find out what Mary likes to play is to browse her past sets, a quick rundown of her favorite artists includes Sarah Vaughan, Cootie Williams, the Boilermaker Jazz Band, Lionel Hampton, Van Alexander, and of course, Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie.

Mary leads primarily and is a vocal advocate for LGBT+ inclusion in the Lindy Hop community. When not DJing, she can be found running brain scans, cooking delicious vegetarian food, checking out unreasonably tall stacks of library books, and listening through her music library (again).

To invite Mary to your event, please use the Contact page.

P.S. Mary seeks to contribute to a more open and inclusive Lindy Hop that celebrates the African-American heritage of the dance and that makes all dancers feel safe and welcome. She reserves the right not to work at events that do not share these priorities.


Thank you to John Jay Li and Mike Will Art for the photographs on this page.